JO Qualifiers UPDATE Nov 2009!!

The TN Qualifiers for the Junior Olympics have officially been moved to Jan 9, according to the TN Division Chair, Brian Casper. They will be at Vanderbilt on that Saturday in the Athletic Rec Center. PLEASE NOTE THE DATES!!!! BE READY!!!

In the meantime, THIS WEEKEND - NOV 7 - is the Cumberland Open at Vandy. I highly suggest as many of you go as possible - get the experience and meet other fencers and support each other. I will not be going to this event but I WILL be going to the JO Qualifiers for sure!

Here is the link for Cumberland Open:

The events competed will be:
Mixed Epee 2:30pm
E and Under Mixed Foil 8:45am
Mixed Foil 11am
Mixed Saber 8:45am

A few of you have already signed up - great! Let's get many of you to go?

I highly encourage you to compete in this competition - for the experience if nothing else! 

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