April GYR Results!

Our first GET YOUR RATING competition was held on Saturday, April 25. Limited to 8 or less entrants, the Mixed Epee and Youth Epee each had 6 fencers. We started both events simultaneously in different rooms with regular CAA fencers helping to direct and keep score. Families of several fencers attended and all in all, a great time was had!

Pictures can be found here.

The results can be found at this page here.

GYR I Winners!

In Youth Epee (a non-ratable event), 6 young CAA fencers competed for first place. After much acrobatics and exciting clashes, Alexander Knowles finished in First Place after many close calls!

In Mixed Epee, two of the six fencers traveled from the Ole Miss Fencing Club in Oxford, MS: Adam Cooksey and Francisco Velasquez. With the other four fencers from CAA, Adam and Francisco strove mightily to earn that coveted E 2009 rating. Mr. Cooksey was the victor.

Congratulations to all GYR I Fencers! Next month: Foil/Saber!

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