Best Overall Fencers of BCO - FINALIZED!

After some thought and deliberation about how best to determine the BEST OVERALL male and female fencers from the Bluff City Open 2009, I decided on my method and selected the winners. Here's what I did:

Since some fencers only did one event while others did two or more (two was the most common), I decided only to count fencers who did two or more events in this award. Then, since some fencers were in a pool of 4 people while others were in a pool of 7 or 8, then possible victories wouldn't be fair to compare. (Some fencers would be limited to the number of wins in their grouping due to the small size of the group but could conceivably do better than another fencer in a larger group.)

The best way to determine the winnners was to total the wins and losses and then total the Touches Scored and Touches Received. I decided in the end to discard the Wins vs Losses for the reason above and just focused on TS vs TR. Obviously we could all agree that if someone fenced awesomely they would score all possible touches on their opponent while not getting touched once. Thus, a perfect Touches Scored vs a perfect 0 for Touches Received. Such a fencer would be the best overall fencer. The only way to beat that would be to be in a larger pool and stay perfect as well (and that would be valid since there would be as many chances to gain more points as there are chances to get scored upon, in that scenario).

Here, then, is the way things panned out:

NAME               TW       TL          TS    -    TR       =     IND
Peter Wetzel        8        1          44         22       =    +22
Grayson Harber     11        2          40         27       =    +13
Mark Pinkston       5        4          33         29       =    + 4
Mason Shugart       3        8          33         47       =    -14
Paul Garrison       4       11          38         62       =    -24
Jensen Smith        2        5          32         56       =    -24

NAME               TW       TL          TS    -    TR       =     IND
Catherine Knowles   7        2          40         22       =    +18
Riki Higgins        5        5          36         29       =    + 7
Hannah Pinkston     3        6          31         39       =    - 8
Jessica Toma        5        8          42         56       =    -14

Congratulations go to our two best overall fencers of the Bluff City Open 2009: Peter Wetzel and Catherine Knowles!! Way to go!! A picture of them receiving their special medal plus a special prize will be posted soon!

** UPDATE: Here is the listing of 1st place fencers in the BCO 09 and the TN Divisional Qualifier held the same day in Nashvile...

TN Divisional Qualifier 03/09

David Cash - 1st:C and Under Mens Epee

The Bluff City Open 03/09

Peter Wetzel-Best Overall Male Fencer

Cat Knowles-Best Overall Female Fencer

Peter Wetzel - 1st: Mixed Foil

Peter Wetzel - 1st: Mixed Epee

Bradford Beard - 1st: Novice Epee

Jake Doan - 1st: Youth Epee

Cat Knowles - 1st: Women's Epee

Jackson Sossaman -  1st: Nov. Foil

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