EQ That A Competitive Fencer Needs

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I've spoken to many of you about the upcoming JO competition. In order to fence in that you have to qualify FIRST by placing in a qualifying competition in our USFA Division. Our qualifier is Jan 9 in Nashville at Vanderbilt University in their Rec Center. More info about that can be found on askfred.net.

This note is not about those details however. It is about your equipment and being prepared for competitions. Many of you now have fenced in our school GYR competitions and I think almost all of you have, at some point, experienced the joys of equipment failure. Truly, there is no need for us as fencers to have equipment failure syndrome or EFS. It IS preventable to a high degree and as fencers who are becoming more and more experienced, you need to take ownership of maintaining and repairing your own equipment.

If you do, you will KNOW that your equipment is working when you walk into a competition as opposed to constantly wondering 'is it working right?' and always checking your tip(s) etc. Furthermore, though it seems trivial to write or talk about, it is a WHOLLY DIFFERENT matter when you are mentally ready to fence and you screech to a frustrating halt due to the speedbump of a faulty weapon or bodycord.

So I have developed a sheet with part numbers and some suggestions for you on some binders. Look for it in the Documents area of this website. Ask relatives or family to help you buy or have some person you know help you with purchasing some of this equipment. Start assembling your own fencing binder for chronicling your development. Download and print out and READ THE RULES of fencing. Get the tools and parts below. I will start holding periodic weapons days or clinics and we will develop experience in troubleshooting and repairing/maintaining equipment.

Don't be a victim of EFS any more!!

Ok - if you have any questions, please reply!



Tom Knowles

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