GYR V and Warmups

Remember, this weekend is the next GET YOUR RATING fencing competition at Collierville Arts Academy!

Sunday, Sept 27: 2pm for Epee (starts at 2:30p) and 4p for Foil (starts a 4:30p). Entry fee is $10 per weapon.

We still have a few slots open for Epee and some for Foil. If you are unrated and want your best chance to get a rating, the GYR monthly events are the best options you have - without traveling to another city for a day or weekend. I am making these available on a regular basis for you to gain this experience and to get 'competition jitters' out of your system before you tackle a MAJOR competition.

Please take advantage of the GYR events.

Even if you are not 13 yet but want to start understanding how this really works, I invite you to come and participate. You can easily learn scorekeeping, timing, and setting up/breaking down, etc. 

I also extend that invitation to participate to any parents and sibling that want to learn about fencing.

So - make plans to attend this weekend's competition, if your schedule permits. If it doesn't this time, please plan to attend the next one.

Last call for any of you who want Memphis Fencers logo warmups. I am placing the order THIS WEEK. At least let me know that you want a jacket or the set and I will get your order in. We will take care of the payment soon. Attached is the letter/order form with the details again. So far, I have Peter W, Jackson S, Todd R, Brayden B, Theo W, and Jake D on my list for warm ups. So, please reply - if you haven't already turned in an order form - and you want one. Remember - ONE FOR ALL AND ALL FOR ONE!!

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