NOV GYR VII Results!

The purpose of the Get Your Rating (GYR) Monthly Novice Competition Series is to offer a regular opportunity to our novice/local fencers to gain an official classification without necessitating travel and without having to beat already-rated fencers!

Our seventh GET YOUR RATING competition was held on Sunday, November 15. New faces came to fence as well as familiar ones. Epee had 8 fencers and Foil had 6 participants and of course, all were ready to take the title of #1 and GET THAT RATING!

Pictures can be found here.

The results can be found at this page here.

According to our participating fencers, this GYR was a lot of fun. We had fencers from Rhodes Fencing come, fencers from the CBHS fencing team, and of course MF/CAA Fencers in the mix. 8 people competed in a well fought epee event where skills were tested and moves sharpened (pun intended!). Then the foilists came together to foil each other in a well-contested 6-person event.

In Epee: our newest 'E' rated fencer is KEEGAN MUTH of CBHS Fencing Team!

In Foil: our newest 'E' rated fencer is RICK ROGERS from MF/CAA Fencing!


Congratulations, Keegan and Rick :


Congratulations to all GYR VII Fencers!


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