Sept GYR V Results!

The purpose of the Get Your Rating (GYR) Monthly Competition Series is to offer a regular opportunity to our local - most certainly, OUR club/school - fencers to gain an official classification without having to travel, without having to to place, and without having to beat already-rated fencers! 

Our fifth GET YOUR RATING competition was held on Sunday, September 27. Epee had 7 and Foil had 6 participants and all were ready to take the title of #1 and GET THAT RATING of 'E'!

Pictures can be found here.

The results can be found at this page here.

Several fencers competed hard and mightily to win their rating but in the end, only two can do it. This September we had a few new faces on strip from our program and some Rhodes college fencers, to boot. A merry time was had by all - just see the pictures!

Bradford Gets His 'E'101_2726

Nate Gets His 'E'!

Congratulations, Bradford and Nate:


Congratulations to all GYR V Fencers!


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