2010 Nat Champs Qualifiers-March 20

The TN Division Summer National Qualifiers have now been posted on askfred.net. This event will be held in Murfreesboro, TN on March 20, all day long. It is the qualifying competition for the US Summer National Fencing Championship, that will be held during July 4-12, 2010, in Atlanta, GA.

If you are interested in competing in this tournament, you must meet all age and citizenship qualification requirements, as well as qualify through your Division if you are not an automatic qualifier (which some of you may be). This means if more than 3 fencers from the Tennessee Division are interested in competing in the same event, then a qualifying competition must be held at the Division level. The top 25% of the competitors at the qualifying tournament (no fewer than 3) will be eligible to compete in the Summer Nationals competition.

Events will be kept separate by gender and age. Within gender, rating-restricted events could be combined based on the number of entries.

An individual event with three or fewer competitors entered at the end of registration will not be held; those entered at that time will be considered the Division representatives in that event. Team events will be held if there are at least two teams.

Ratings Restrictions: Per 2.11.3 of The Athlete's Handbook ratings at the time of the qualifying competition will be considered (Div II: C, D, E, U, Div III: D, E, U).

Birth Year Restrictions: Per 2.5 of The Athlete's Handbook.

If you want to/plan to compete, make sure you read through The Athlete's Handbook and The Operations Manual to understand your particular age/qualification requirements (if any).

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