Team Fencing at JOs!

As most of you know, we recently had the TN Junior Olympic Qualifiers in Nashville TN. Our fencers did very well and several MF/CAA fencers qualified to compete in the JOs in February in their respective individual events.

For those of you who did NOT go or did NOT qualify, there is still ONE MORE opportunity for you to compete in February at this massive tournament. It is known as the team event.

In team fencing, we assemble a group of 5 fencers who will fence in the same weapon/event. For example, if we could get 5 foilists to fence in Junior Team Men's Foil then we have a team. The great thing about this is you do not fence each other - just the members of your opposing team. So all of your scores add up and the team with the highest score wins. If one of you does poorly, the next fencer on your team can make up the difference, so you really do end up supporting and helping each other out.

Below I have some suggestions for teams from our club/school. Some of you may note I have you listed under a weapon you do not normally fence. That's ok since the rest of the team can help if you fall behind. BUT, I have often seen that someone fencing a weapon they don't normally fence often does SURPRISINGLY well and in the team format, it can really be a LOT of fun! (hint hint, Jackson!)

If you are interested in doing this (and I STRONGLY encourage you to consider doing this!), please note the pasted statements below from the USFA Team Entry form. It will cost each of you $50 to register if you did not already qualify at the qualifiers. The team entry fee is $120, which can be split 5 ways.

If you are NOT already a member of the USFA, you will need to join. This can be done online now at and select membership. Go through the process and print out your confirmation with your USFA number. Keep this on hand till a member card comes in the mail.

Suggested MF/CAA teams:
Junior Team Men's Epee, Team 1
Captain - Mark Pinkston
1. Jake Doan
2. Paul Garrison
3. Grayson Harber
4. Evan Thiele

Junior Team Men's Epee, Team 2
Captain - Peter Wetzel
1. Jensen Smith
2. Pate Taylor
3. Bradford Beard
4. Jackson Sossaman

Junior Team Men's Foil
Captain - Jackson Sossaman
1. Jake Doan
2. Paul Garrison
3. Phillip Geyer
4. Peter Wetzel

Junior Team Men's Saber
Captain - Peter Wetzel
1. Paul Garrison
2. Jake Doan
3. Grayson Harber
4. Mark Pinkston

Junior Team Women's Epee
Captain - Catherine Knowles
1. Anna Arnold
2. Hannah Morgan
3. Anna McCrarey
4. Abigail Aldea

Junior Team Women's Foil
Captain - Anna McCrarey
1. Savannah Dixon
2. Hannah Morgan
3. Riki Higgins
4. Courtney Harshbarger

Team members competing ONLY in the Club Team competition must submit a Junior Olympics Entry Form with payment of the $50 registration fee by the deadline.  No entries will be taken at the Junior Olympics.  Club Team members must be U.S. citizens or Permanent Residents who have not represented another country in the past three years, and have represented the club in USFA competitions this season. All Club Teams and team members must be current club and competitive USFA members respectively.   
Composite Teams are only allowed at the Junior Olympics if no club from that geographic division will register.  All team members MUST be from the same geographic USFA division. 
Entry form must be complete with team member names in order to be processed. Any changes to team member names must be received by February 8, 2010. 
For the Junior Club Team Event, there is no classification requirement but Team members must have a birth year of 1990 – 1996. 
Teams do not have to qualify for this event at a division qualifying tournament. 
The Team regular fee entry deadline is January 19, 2010. The total amount due, per Team Entry, submitted by the first deadline is $120.00. 

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