2011 TN HS Epee Champs

On April 30, 2011, at Memphis University School in Memphis, TN, the Tennessee Division of the United States Fencing Association held its National Fencing Championship Qualifying Competition. This was a statewide competition - open to all recognized high school fencing team and their fencers.

The fencing came down to 2 teams: MUS and CBHS. With a long-standing rivalry, this team encounter did not disappoint as both sides struggled to dominate the other. At the end, the  CBHS Fencing Team was able to pull away from MUS in victories. Outgoing Senior and Team President McCullough Cline fenced last, scoring the final, winning touch. It was a great way to finish a season and this competition.

Kudos to CBHS Fencing for going the distance! Until next year!

Some pictures are here.

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